About Jeff

Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson

My name is Jeff Peterson.  I anchor the morning news on CBS 13 and FOX 23 in Portland.

I grew up out west and have worked in television news and sports all over the country including California, New Hampshire, Colorado, Louisiana and Maine.

I’ve been in front of the camera for nearly 30 years and there’s never been a story or topic that’s been more of a conversation item with viewers involving me, than my decision to become vegan.

February 2012, my wife and I decided we were giving up all animal products.   That means, no meat, eggs or dairy.

At the time, I thought it would just be a good three-part series to air on CBS 13 showing the changes to my body after just 60 days of a plant based diet.

But it’s ended up being about a lot more than that.

I’ve lost lots of weight, my cholesterol is well under 100 and I continue to improve as a runner. My wife and I actually ran the Maine Marathon In October and plan on pounding the pavement in Boston come April 20TH.

Each week in That Vegan Thing, I share some of my favorite recipes, how to get the entire family eating healthy and how the lifestyle has changed my life and everyone else in our home.